About Yellow Pages and Shop The NeighbourhoodTM

What is Shop The Neighbourhood?

Shop The Neighbourhood is a free national initiative of Yellow Pages, a company with a century-long legacy of working with Canada’s small businesses. The initiative encourages Canadians to support small businesses in their communities by making local purchases and shopping in their neighbourhood.

In 2015, on Saturday, November 28, participating businesses will offer incentives to shoppers who are encouraged to make a local purchase on that specific day. This event will be supported by a six-week mass media advertising and public relations campaign leading up to event day. To see the list of deals that will be offered on November 28th, download the YP Shopwise app.

Who is Yellow Pages?

Yellow Pages (TSX: Y) is a Canadian digital media and marketing solutions company that supports neighbourhood economies by helping local businesses reach new customers and foster stronger relationships with existing clients through its various media and products. Yellow Pages holds some of Canada’s leading local online search properties including YP.caTM, RedFlagDeals.comTM, Canada411.caTM, the Comfree/DuProprio network and YP NextHome, as well as mobile applications YP, YP Shopwise, YP Dine, Comfree, RedFlagDeals, and Canada411, as well as the Yellow PagesTM print directories.

Yellow Pages is also a leader in national digital advertising through Mediative, a division of Yellow Pages devoted to digital marketing and performance media services for national-scale agencies and customers.

As an extension of its commitment to supporting local businesses in its operations, Yellow Pages also seeks to support and develop initiatives and activities that contribute to the growth of small businesses, thereby helping build healthy, thriving communities.

For more information, visit www.corporate.yp.ca.

When did Shop The Neighbourhood start?

Shop The Neighbourhood was born from the desire to offer Canadians a local shopping alternative on the Saturday between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, that tend to drive dollars away from Canadian communities. The first editions was held in 2013 in the Greater Toronto Area, in which 60% of Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) across the GTA participated and over 2,000 deals and savings were offered by local businesses. Of the shoppers who were aware of the event, over 80% said it affected their local purchase behaviour.

What is the plan for 2015?

Shop The Neighbourhood remains a national initiative. Shop The Neighbourhood will continue to partner with business associations and municipalities across Canada to communicate the initiative and educate businesses about how they too can become involved in this movement. The 2015 celebration date will again be strategically wedged between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, on Saturday November 28, 2015 to raise awareness of the larger impact our dollars have when spent locally, and the positive benefits to our local economies.

Who can participate?

Business associations, municipalities and their business members across Canada are welcome to participate. While the event is tailored to retail focused businesses, professional services and restaurants, anyone who is willing to put a cling in their window to show support for the initiative and offer a special promotion or deal on November 28, 2015 is encouraged to participate. Businesses and shoppers can also help spread the word both in person and online via social media.

Are there costs associated with participation?

Shop The Neighbourhood is a free initiative for all who participate, unless you are a shopper in which case, we urge you to save a local purchase for a business in your neighbourhood. Yellow Pages will provide all promotional material and information as well as bear all costs related to the mass media advertising and communications campaign and collateral materials.

However, should business associations or businesses want to have local promotional activities on event day or leading up to the campaign, these would be at their cost.

How do I participate?

Click here and choose your manner of participation.

Why is the celebration day on November 28, 2015? Is the date significant?

Saturday, November 28, 2015, was chosen as it falls directly on one of the busiest shopping weekends of the year, sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Black Friday is a day when Canadians tend to flock across the border to take advantage of deals and to kick off their holiday shopping. Cyber Monday sees a lot of Canadians taking advantage of deals through online retailers.

Yellow Pages chose to place Shop The Neighbourhood in between these two key shopping days to provide a local shopping choice, complete with exclusive event day deals and savings. It also serves as a reminder to people of the positive impact our dollars can have on our neighbourhoods and our lives when spent locally.

Why is supporting small businesses and local shopping important to Yellow Pages?

For over 100 years, Yellow Pages has championed the growth of small businesses and local economies, through its business operations and community activities. We support and develop initiatives throughout Canada that highlight the important role of small businesses in our communities. We also favour activities that ultimately contribute to the creation of healthy, thriving neighbourhoods. The stores, shops and services that line our streets form the hearts of our neighbourhoods. While in constant evolution, the ways in which we access and interact with our neighbourhoods may have changed, but the commitment we have to their growth has not.

Yellow Pages believes in championing the success and growth of Canadian small business. Being local ourselves, we support activities that embody our long-term commitment to contribute to strong local economies and thriving neighbourhoods. Shop The Neighbourhood was created to help remind us of the importance of local shopping not just for small businesses, but for all of us who call Canada’s neighbourhoods home.

What is Yellow Pages getting out of Shop The Neighbourhood?

Shop The Neighbourhood is an extension of the Yellow Pages brand promise to help small businesses grow, champion local economies and contribute to building healthy, thriving neighbourhoods.

What other activities is Yellow Pages doing to support small businesses?

Visit corporate.yp.ca for information on other initiatives Yellow Pages has developed or supported to help small businesses.

Why is small business support something we should care about?

In a global marketplace, it’s become easy to forget the positive impacts our dollars have when spent close to home. Small businesses are our economic backbone : they create jobs, funnel funds back into the community, keep decision-making power localized, and generally contribute to building healthy, thriving neighbourhoods.

Supporting small businesses not only helps them grow and prosper but also impacts the sustainability, desirability and qualities of our neighbourhoods.

Program Participation

Can I participate if I am outside a large city centre?

Shop The Neighbourhood is a national initiative that allows all business associations, municipalities and small businesses to participate, no matter where they are located in Canada. All registered participants will have access to the same communications and tools throughout the program.

What do I need to do to sign up?

Click below to choose your manner of participation.

When does registration close?

  • As a business, registration will be open until November 16, 2015.
  • As a business association, registration will be open until November 6, 2015 in order to have enough time to onboard your members.

What if I am in a strip mall?

This is a program that is meant to target main streets and business who have a main street front. Unfortunately, strip malls are not targets for participants in this program. However, if they want to show their solidarity in their neighbourhood or organize something in the context of Shop The Neighbourhood, you are more than welcome to, but will not have access to the promotional materials.

Can banks and franchises participate?

Franchise businesses that have a store front can support the initiative by putting up a window cling and making their store/business festive for the event. There are many other ways that a business can be included in the initiative. Should you be a franchise or chain and would like to discuss participation, please contact us at shoptheneighbourhood@yp.ca

Can my business participate even if my business association isn’t?

Absolutely, click here for information on how to participate as a business. Remember, there is a power in numbers so share the news on social media, let your business neighbours know about Shop The Neighbourhood as well as your current customers, family and friends.

Where will my deals show up?

Deals will show up on  the YP Shopwise mobile app, as well as on Yellow Pages digital and mobile properties.

When will my deals show up?

Although your can register your business and load a deal now, deals will appear as of October 19, 2015, the same day as the launch of Shop The Neighbourhood’s Canada-wide advertising campaign to get consumers to shop locally.

If I’m a business, where do I start?

Click here to register your business and gain insight to the communications and tools available in 2015.

What is the advertising plan for the program?

Shop The Neighbourhood will be supported by a multi-platform national media buy to build awareness with shoppers and small businesses. It will include a mix of television, radio, print and digital media alongside a robust media relations program.

How many people participated in 2014?


  • Over 200 business associations
  • 8,000 businesses offered more than 6,000 deals and promotions


What was the overall impact of the event in 2014?

We conducted in-depth market research to measure the impact of the 2014 event amongst shoppers, businesses and business associations. Some of the key findings are:

  • Over 750,000 Canadians shopped in their neighbourhood on November 29, 2014
  • $119 was spent on average at a local business
  • $89 million went to Canada’s local economies as a result
  • 1 out of 2 Canadians stated their shopping behaviour was influenced by Shop The Neighbourhood


What do 2014 participants say about Shop The Neighbourhood

We conducted in-depth market research to measure the impact of the 2014 event amongst shoppers, businesses and participating business associations. Some of the key findings are:

  • 96% of business associations fully endorse the initiative with 77% receiving positive feedback from their members
  • 87% of businesses fully endorse the initiative
  • 87% of shoppers endorse the initiative, with 54% saying it influenced their shopping habits on event day


If my business association participated in 2014 am I automatically registered for 2015?

No, you will not be automatically re-registered for 2015. Click here to re-register now.

How do I make this program a success for my business association?

The key to success is getting your association’s members excited and committed to the program by registering their business here. From there everyone will work together to make it a success. As a Business Association, register here. and share the information with your members.

When should I start talking to my association about this program?

Now! Click here to register your Business Association and receive communications and tools to share with your membership. If you have questions, contact us at shoptheneighbourhood@yp.ca.

Will there be promotional items available for participants?

Registered businesses gain access to a free promotional event kit which will include balloons and bags, as well as a window cling to place in your storefront. Kits will be mailed directly to businesses. A digital marketing tool kit for promoting your business will also be made available for free on the shoptheneighbourhood.ca website.

Can I sign up today?

Yes, click below to choose your manner of participation.

Are there parameters on the size of the business association?

Any business association can participate no matter the size.

What services does Yellow Pages offer for businesses?

Visit businesscentre.yp.ca.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Contact the Shop The Neighbourhood team at shoptheneighbourhood@yp.ca or 1-844-YP-LOCAL